Session Two                                  Sunday 1:00 pm


SR Naruto Theme Song                                                                                Malakai Obadja



MJ Donna Donna                                       by: Joan Baez                            Alyssa Pimentel


JL My Computer                                                                                               Flora Eosakul

Blue and Low                                                                                                                         


LE The Clock Shop                                     by: Faber                               Michaela Mauricio


ET Folk Song Mixed Up                                                                                   Skylar Lukito

The Food Court


LE Oom-Pa-Pa                                            by: Alfred                                    Emma Campos


LE Ode to Joy                                             by: Beethoven                                   Daniel Ruiz

You are My All in All                                 by: Jernigan


MJ Concert Sonatina                                   by: Faber                                  Paige Raskulinez

Gavotte                                                        by: Telemann                                                      


LE Angel of Music                                     by: Webber                                    Chloe Brown

The Entertainer                                            by: S.Joplin


JL Musette                                                                                                     Ashwin Karthik

Olympic Procession                                                                                                               


JL Whirling Leaves                                                                                                 Kevin Liu

Sword Dance


MJ Sincerity Op.100No.1                           by: Burgmuller                             Alissa Arroyo

Minuet in G                                                 by: J.S.Bach


LE The Horseman’s Night Ride                  by: Faber                                  Ulysses Morente

Rocky Mountian Train


SR Forgettable                                                                                                    Jaylynn Tsui



SR “Uptown Funk”                                    by: Bruno Mars                               Deyeon Kim



ET Ballade Op.100 #15                               by: Burgmuller                          Francesia Lukito


JL A Song for You                                     by: Rollin                                            Zoe Hsieh

Arabesque                                                   by: Burgmuller


JL Valse Lente Op.30                                                                                          Carrie Chen

Solfeggioetto                                               by: CPE Bach


JL Song Op27, No2                                    by: Kabalevsky                                  Jerry Deng

Sonatina Op 57, No1                                                                                           by: Spindler


ET Sonatina In C                                                                                                     Leona Lai



JL Polonaise in g minor                              by: Bach                                            John Wang

The Merry Farmer                                       by: Schumann


JL Waltz Op Past                                        by: Chopin                                      Jaylynn Tsui


JL Fireside Reverie                                     by: M. Mier                                      Annie Chen

Toccata                                                        by: Bach                                                             


JL Don’t Know Why                                  by: J Harris                                   Ethan Bautista

                                                                                                                                  Adv Drum