Session Three                                Sunday 2:30 pm


ET Butterfly World                                     Duet                                           Kraig Austriaco

Runaway Stagecoach


ET Skating                                                  Duet                                            Gianna Speegle

Skateboard Champ                                                                                                                 


LE Wille & Tullie                                        by: Alfred                                       Emilie Hsiao


ET My New Skate Shoes                                                                                 Hiya Sarvaiya

Trumpet Voluntary


AL Scarecrow Scherzando                                                                          Hannah Figueroa

Touch a Rainbow                                                                                                                   


LE The Dragon Hunt                                  by: Faber                                       Kaitlyn Kwok

The Ice Skater’s Waltz                                by: E. Waloteufel                                                


FH Greensleeves                                                                                                 Willie Wang



AL A New Beginning                                                                                       Chanel Takari


LE A Day at the Carvival                            by:Faber                                     McArthur Grier

The Dragon Hunt


AL Prelude in F major                                                                                              Mia Lieu

Raspberry Rag


LE The Phantom of the Opera                     by: Webber                                        William Be


JE Gavotte                                                   by: Martini                                 Trisha Gurajapu



FH Girls Like You                                      by: Marron 5                               Angelina Quan



FH Journey to the Treasure Island              by: Brandon Xie                             Brandon Xie

                                                                                                                   Own Composition


LE The Storm                                              by: Gurlitt                                 Caraya E. Rivera

Ballade                                                        by: Burgmuller


LE Lunar Eclipse                                         by: Faber                                                 Ivy Wu

Toccata                                                        by: Duvernoy                                                     


FH Don’t Stop Believin’                             by: Casey Jones                       Shayaan Monsur


AL Trevi Fountain                                                                                            Sabrina Hung

AL Southern Dreams                                                                                        Simone Hung

Song of Autumn                                                                Duet by: Sabrina & Simone Hung


AL Pachebel Canon                                                                                         Abigail Laurel


AL Midnight Rider                                     TRIO                Abigail, Joshua, Julianna Laurel