Session One                               Saturday 10:30am


1RY Jack and the Beanstalk                        by: Faber                                 Pranav Anumarlu


2RY Be Our Guest                                     by: Menken                                      Ashley Wei


3IS The Marmot                                          by: Beethoven                                Matthew Kim


4FH Greensleeves                                                                                                 Alexis Kim

Hot Popcorn                                                                                     Duet with Matthew Kim


5IS Arabesque                                                                                                by: Burgmuller                                                                                                                                                            Vivasvat Binny

Melody                                                        by: Schumann                                                    


6TY Insert Flute Concerto in D                  by: Mozart                                            Isabel Ku



7TY Foot Steps in the Dark                        by: IsleyBrothers                             Paul Manalo



8IS Monster March                                     by: Linn                         Ann Dominque Peteros


9RY March of the English Guard               by: Clarke                                  Akshar Belaguly

Coconut Shuffle                                          by: Faber                                                            


10IS Little Ghost’s Recital                          by: Faber                                             Jake Silao

Round Dance                                              by: Beyer                                                            


11IS Nocturne                                             by: Chopin                                        Kate Noche


12RY Ode to Joy                                        by: Beethoven                                     Yikai Zhu


13RY The Skater’s Waltz                           by: Waldteufel                                Sarah Santos

Under the Sea                                              by: Menken                                                        


14JJ The Oak and The Ash                                                                             Nevyl Panicker

Follow the Leader                                                                                                         Guitar


15TY Hurts So Good                                 by: Meloncamp                      Dineth Senanayake



16YY Musette                                                                                                         Audrey Lee


17YY Marrionette Dance                                                                                           Mya Fu

Do- Re- Mi                                                                          Duet by: Audrey Lee & Mya Fu


18IS Angelfish Arabesque                          by: Klose                                  Jacquelyn Gattoc

From the Land of Make Believe                  by: Brandy                                                         


19IS One Punch Man – Sad Theme                                                         Winston Vongphoe


20IS Minuet                                                by: Bach                                            Janice Shin

I’ve Been Wishing                                      by: Alfred                                                           


21RY Inquietude                                         by: Burgmuller                          Kenzo Contreras

The Wild Horseman                                    by: Schumann                                                    


22TY Oh Pretty Woman                             by: Orbison                                   Sarah Nowell



23RY Minuet in G                                      by: Bach                                                 John Sy


24JC Morning Reverie                                by:Rollin                                         Waverly Tse


25IS Avalanche                                           by: Heller                                          Kyle Noche


26HJ Frenzy                                               by: Alexander                     Din Kerveen Guillera


27HJ Go Pumpkin                                      by: Lobos                                            Danica Sy


28RY River Flows in You                          by: Yimura                                     Sivani Vedula


29IS He’s A Pirate                                      by: Badelt                                   Evelyn Soewito


30TY Purple Haze                                      by: Hendrix                                           Ryan Vu