Session Two                                  Saturday12:15 pm


1TY Come Together                                   by: Beatles                                       Janelle Sales



2IS Hamster Chase                                     by: Mier                                       Maxwell Zeiss


3IS Etude in A minor                                  by: Kabalevsky                             William Chien


4IS  Lullaby                                                by: Kirnberger                                  Megan Ruiz

Musetta’s Waltz                                          by: Puccini                                                         


5IS Folk Song                                                                                                       Vivian Pan


6IS Petit Piano Concerto                             by: Silvanski                                      Claire  Pan

Polovetzian Dance                                       by: Borodin                 2 pianos with Vivian Pan


7TY Owner of a Lonely Heart                    by: Yes                                                Jules Kim



8SF Allegretto                                                                                                  Aaron Hartley



9SF Problem                                               by: A.Grande                        Rehansa Kulatilleke

Let It Be                                                      by: Beatles                                                 Guitar


10TY Ode to Joy                                        by: Beethoven                               Vaideesh Siva



11TY Wonderful World                              by: Thiele & Weiss                           Sathya Siva

                                                                                                                                  Alto Sax


12TY I Want to Hold Your Hand               by: Beatles                                      Joshua Pham



13IS Toreador Song                                    by: Bizet                                       Alexander Liu


14IS Star Wars                                            by: Williams                                         Jude Kim

Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho                                                                                        


15IS Solfeggio                                            by: Bach                                    Anthony Mones

Prelude in A                                                by: Chopin                                                         


16YY Sonatina Op.36 No.3                       by: Clementi                                    Amy Duong


17YY The Mermaid                                                                                        Kathlyn Luong

Starfish in the Sea


18IS Moonlight Sonata                               by: Beethoven                          Angela Bacusmo


19IS Legend of Madrid                               by: Faber                                Andrew Bacusmo

The Pink Panther                                         by: Manchini          Duet with Angela  Bacusmo


20SF Come Together                                  by: Beatles                                  Christian Festin



21SF Hotel California                                 by: Eagles                                     William Chien



22SF Layla                                                  by: Derek & Dominos                          Eric Liao



23TY Song from a Secret Garden               by: Lovland                                 Audrey Chung



24TY Bridge Over Troubled Water            by: Paul Simon                                     Isaac Lee

                                                                                                                                  Alto Sax


25TY Dazed and Confused                         by: Page                                               Jacob Hu

                                                                                                                                  Adv Drum