Session Three                              Saturday 1:45pm


1HJ El Torero                                             by: Rollin                               Christian Figueroa


2IE Song Without Words                                                                               Anaia Mercado

Lyrical Song


3HJ Butter Pecan Waltz                              by: Bober                                 Jayani Srinivasan


4HJ Fun in the Sun                                     by: Bober                                            Nikki Aoe

Butterscotch Rag                                         by: Rollin


5HJ The Night Horseman                           by: Bober                                       Gregory Aoe


6MC Night Whisper                                                                                 Angelynn Madriaga

                                                                                                                       Duet with mother


7TY Humoresqe                                         by:Devorak                                        Linus Cruz



8TY Gimme Some Lovin                            by: Winwood                                    Jason Zhao



9IE Minuet in d minor                                                                                            Aiden Phu


10IE Fandango                                                                                                   Brandon Phu


11MC Noctrune No. 7 in g minor               by: Alexander                                 Sabrina Cruz


12HJ The Emerald Sea                                by: Brown                                Samantha Poitras


13HJ Ride the Wind                                    by: Bober                        Kristoffer de los Reyes


14HJ Barcarolle of Barcellona                    by: Rollin                                 Adrielle Federico


15MC Puck                                                 by: Grieg                                           Jason Zhao


16SF Easy                                                   by: Faith No More                      Aiken Mercado



17SF La Bamba                                          by: R. Valens                                     Kai Young

Carcassis Waltz                                           by: C-Bay                                                  Guitar


18TY Adagio                                              by: Albinoni                             Timothy Ventura

                                                                                                                                  Alto Sax


19IE More Than A Feeling                                                                           Raiche Gutierrez



20HJ The Starry Night                                by: Rollin                                      Hannah Pham


21MC Elfin Dance                                      by: Grieg                                          Arlena Ung

Flying Leaves                                              by: Bober                                                           


22HJ Festival of the Fountains                   by: Glover                                  Raphaela Flores

Allegro K.90                                               by: Mozart


23HJ Titanium Toccata                               by: Alexander                                  Anthony Lu


24HJ Water Lilies                                       by: Rollin                                       Lia Francisco


25MC Tarantella Op. 65 No. 4                   by: Prokofiev                                    Aspen Van


26MC Shadow Dance Op.39 No. 8            by: MacDowell                                Ashley Van


27IE Best Day of My Life                                                                                   Justin Costa