Session Six                                       Saturday 6:30pm


1TL Canon in D                                          by: Pachelbel                 Isabel Ku, Adrian Poitras,

                                                                                                             Eugene Park, Lenna Escobar,

                                                                                                            Benjamin Chen,  Nicole Zhuang,                                                                                                                                      Sydney Chang


2IS Allegro                                                     by: Gurlitt                                       PrinstonHou

Humoresque                                                by: Kabalevsky                                                   


3IS Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho                                                           KassiusCapito

German Dance                                                                                                                       


4IS Minuet                                                  by: Mozart                                         Sharon Wu



5HJ Quadrrille                                             by: Haydn                                         Katelynn Hou

Humming Bird                                            by: Linn                                                              


6HJ Turkish March                                                                                               Elijah Tibayan

Witches Brew                                              by: Rollin                                                           


7HJ Sounds from the Gundrop Factory                                                              Key Tibayan

Down by the Bay


8HJ Swipesy                                               by: Joplin                                       Benjamin Chen



9WL Sonatina Op. 100                               by: Kapustin                              Brennan Murray


10TL Humoresques                                    by: Devorak                               PrithaNagappan



11TL Chorus from “ Judas Maccabaeus”   by: Handel                                      Joseph Chen



12TL Humoresques                                    by: Devorak                                     Ryan Davey



13TL Gavotte in D                                      by: Bach                                               Isabel Ku



14IS The Rain                                             by: Maykapar                                Jessie Collins

In the Hall of the Mountain King                by: Grieg                                                            


15HJ Spass from Children’s Pieces Op.27 No.6by: Kabalavsky                       Joseph Chen

Sailing                                                         by: Rollin


16HJ Graceful Waltz                                   by: Bober                                     Leena Escobar


17IS Rondo AllaTurca                                by: Mozart                                      Daniel Lopez


18TL Concerto for Two Violins in D minorby: Bach             Benjamin Chen , Eugene Park,

                                                                                                 LennaEccobar, Nicole Zhuang,

                                                                                                 Adrian Poitras, Sydney Chang


19WL Seven of Hearts                                by: Olson                                      Ben Giordano


20WL A Steady Hand                                 by: Norton                                  Anrei Giordano

Knock on Wood                                          by: Olson                     Duet with Ben Giordano


21WL Toccata                                             by: Khachaturian                         Ryan Nurwono