Session Seven                                   Sunday 10:30 am


Junior Music Course 2                         Sat 11:30am                             Audrey Lim

French Fry Bandit                                                                  Emmy Liu, Damon Ngai,

Ode to Joy                                                                    Charisse Pang, Destiny Segovia

                                                                                          Abel Ramirez,EanManalastas


Junior Music Course 4                         Wed 3:30pm         Blessing Sanchez-Runes

Polly Wolly Doodle                                           Delilah Alcantara, Aayush Chauhan,

Lavender’s Blue                                                        Bruno Nowell, Jacob Arambulo,

                                                                                              Lauren Lee,Gray Anderson,

                                                                    Kosta Fan, Kamron Shah,Carolina Garcia,

                                                                                             Kamila Barillas, Jacob Yang


Junior Music Course 3                         Thu 4:30pm                             Audrey Lim

Flemish Dance                                                                  Angelina Loera, Yena Hong,

It’s A Small World                                             Kenneth Cunanan, Hannah Loomis,

                                                                                        Caleb Auyeung, Jessica Fadera


BL Grenade                                                                  Duet by Sean Lee & Ethan Lee

How Great is our God                                                    


Young Musician Course 2                    Sat 3pm                                      Audrey Lim

Gypsy Dance                                                                            Alistair Wu, Caleb Pang,

Transformers Prime                                                            Alex Li, Elijah Rodriguez


Junior Music Course 3                         Fri 3:30pm                         Yuko Yamaoka

Little Bluebird                                           Valentina Garcia, Kaleb Ly, Nikki Voong,

March of the Little Bears                                        Ananthjay Prabhu, Amelia Crow


Young Musician Course 1                    Sat 2pm                                      Audrey Lim

Ode to Joy                                                                     Charlotte Kim, Ashul Kulkarni,

Edelweiss                                                                                            Piper Clemmons


Young Extension Course 1                  Thu 4:30pm                        Yuko Yamaoka

Little Red Shoes                                              Aliana Lee, Aldwin Lee, Jennifer Cruz,

Linus and Lucy                                                   Breana Marcroft, Nathan Marcroft,

                                                                                                                          Kaya Festin


Junior Extension  Course 2                 Tue 4:30pm                              Audrey Lim

Barcarolle                                                 Ellie Oh, Joshua Chung, Tristan Alcantara,

He’s a Pirate                                                                Eloise Crow, Ethan  Viramontes


Junior Extension Course 3                  Sat 8:30am          Blessing Sanchez-Runes

All of Me                                                                  Sophie Chen, Leonardo Martinez,

Rock n Roll                                                                         Sarah Nowell, , Abigail Lee,

                                                                                                 Dev Wontakal,  Olivia Liu


Young Extension Course 4                  Mon 3:30pm                        Yuko Yamaoka

Super Mario Brothers Theme                                              Alyssa Truong, Kason Liu,

Underground Theme                                                                                 Lily Anderson


 Sad Guitarist                                     by: Yakushenko                    John Arambulo


He’s a Pirate arr: Brandon Imai                   Duet by Ryan Imai &Khushal Shukla


Whisper in the Wind                                   Trio by Lisa Ordonez , Kendall Young &

                                                                                                      Eileen Rodriguez Salehi


Waltz of the Flowers                                    Duet by Carson Ingalls & Andy Barillas


Special Advance Course 1                   Tue 5:30pm         Blessing Sanchez-Runes

Le Petit Negre by Debussy                        Ryan Imai,, Lisa Ordonez,Andy Barillas,

                                                                        Kendall Young, Eileen Rodriguez Salehi,

                                                                                       Khushal Shukla, Carson Ingalls