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Charter School Students

Blue Ridge Academy | Excel | Golden Valley | Granite Mountain | iLead | Mission Vista | Sage Oak | Sky Mountain

To Parents and Students


Cerritos and Chino Hills Yamaha Music School have been offering all styles of classes for charter school students who wish and desires to learn music. We believe that all students should have a chance to still be able to experience what is like to learn and understand music.

Classes that we offer to charter school students are for both group lessons and private lessons.

To sign up:

  1. First, call our school to receiving the following information: availability of lesson dates/times, tuition fees, and any additional information needed.​​

         *Reminder: Please specify to our staff that your child is a charter            school student.

  1. Once set, please communicate with your respective charter school teacher and visit your respective charter school's site vendor list to get more information. To search for our school, type "Cerritos Yamaha Music School" or "Chino Hills Yamaha Music School".

  2. Your charter school should then begin processing and send a Purchase Order.

  3. When our school receives your purchase order, you are free to begin lessons!​​

          *Reminder: Lessons can only be given when our school have                   received your PO. Pro tip, submit future POs ahead of time.

If you have further questions, call us at 562-809-3886.

See you soon!

-Yamaha Staff

Charter Schools Offered


  • Blue Ridge Academy

  • Excel Charter School

  • Golden Valley Charter School

  • Granite Mountain Charter School

  • iLead Charter School

  • Mission Vista Academy

  • Sage Oak Charter School

  • Sky Mountain Charter School

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