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Annual School Recitals


Our annual school recital comprises a large variety of artistic performances from Yamaha group ensembles, to soloists (piano, vocals, strings, percussion, brass and woodwind), to duets/trios, and to guest artists. Students are able to perform for their friends and family in a concert hall. This allows students to experience a chance to perform, build confidence, and gain a sense of accomplishment.

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Summer Competition (Solo/Ensembles)



Our summer competition event is a great way to keep students engaged and a goal to achieve during the summer time. Students are able to experience a healthy competition as well as building a sense of drive to better their musicianship. Students are given a chance to pick to play a solo piece or ensemble. Professional judges from around the community are invited to evaluate and provide feedback to enhance their technique and musicality.

Junior Original Concerts (JOC)



Junior Original Concert (JOC) is a one of a kind musical showcase for children all around the world who are apart of the Yamaha Music Education System. Through JOC, these students are given a chance to unlock their full musical potential through the art of performing and creating their own music composition. Every year, JOC students from around the world (North America, South America, Asia, and Europe) submit their masterpiece with a chance to perform. The genre of music can range from classical to contemporary music.

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Scroll to 1:08:40 to view students from Cerritos and Chino Hills Yamaha Music School

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