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Kevin Guardado


Mr. Kevin teaches guitar, ukulele, piano, and voice! He received his undergraduate degree from Cal State Polytechnic University in Pomona with an emphasis  in music business, production, and technology. Mr. Kevin has been teaching for over 6 years and plays many styles including: rock and pop, jazz, and classical guitar. He even studied flamenco guitar for a semester in Granada, Spain. Mr. Kevin has been teaching at Yamaha Music School for over 2 years and teaches in-person and remotely. He performs classical guitar at masterclasses, weddings, parties, and corporate events.  

He enjoys cooking, spending time with family, and being out in nature. Other hobbies include hiking, weightlifting, and yoga. As a certified training, he is also a health nut!

Location: Cerritos & Chino Hills Yamaha Music School

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