Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Tardu Yegin

Most music schools hold classical music and tradition forms in such high esteem, they forget to enjoy the potential and diversity found studying contemporary genres. We here at Yamaha Music School would love to showcase our diverse musical offerings by highlighting the teachers who truly embody universal musicianship. This month spotlight teacher is Mr. Tardu Yegin, one of our full-time faculty members. Born and raised in Turkey, Always showed a natural inclination towards music. According to his mother, Tardu would refuse to eat dinner until his father pulled out a harmonica and played a tune. Talk about picky! In middle school Tardu picked up the saxophone as his primary instrument, and wa

5 Most Common Questions About Music Lessons from Parents

In the 26 years the Yamaha Music Schools of Cerritos & Chino Hills have provided music lessons, we are no strangers to seeing students succeed. However, it helps to be informed, aware, and educated. Here are some common questions parents tend to ask our music teachers here at CYMS. 1. How do I know if my child is ready for music lessons? Some children show natural interest in wanting to play a certain instrument such as the piano or guitar, or in singing. If they seem excited when listening to others playing the instrument, and tend to want to imitate what they see, that's a sure sign that your child have no problem beginning music lessons with enthusiasm. Watch your kids for passive signs

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