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Congratulations to Our JOC Participants!

This past February, THREE of our students received high honors and rankings for their participation in the Yamaha Junior Original Concert Program.

These students were awarded one of the following results:

SUPERIOR (showing superior achievement in all areas of composition and/or performance)

OUTSTANDING (showing outstanding achievement and potential)

HONORABLE MENTION (showing very good ability and promise).

Students who rank in any of these categories have potential to be selected for multiple Regional JOCs (Junior Original Concert) or the one National JOC— as well Class JOCs that take place in Yamaha classrooms around the country — providing every student an opportunity to participate in widely broadcasted live performances. In addition, students from the global Yamaha network perform in Japan at the prestigious International JOC. These "Young Ambassadors of Music" enrich the lives of people throughout the world and bring people together in a positive, rewarding way that celebrates the common bonds among nations.

The JOC program has been an important part of the Yamaha Music Education System since 1972.

Our three students have been awarded substantial scholarships to attend select National Yamaha Programs, such as this summer's Yamaha Summer Music Camp, where they will be taught and adjudicated by Grammy Award-Winning Artists, College Faculty, and well-known music industry professionals!

CONGRATULATIONS AND GREAT JOB! We're very proud of your accomplishments!


Charlotte Yoh

Charlotte began at Cerritos Yamaha Music School at the young age of 3 years old. She started in a JMC group class with Ms. Blessing Runes, and quickly fell in love with singing and piano. Charlotte soon began diversifying her music education, picking up the Cello, Flute, and Ukelele as well. With Ms. Blessing, Charlotte began learning how to compose, leading to her receiving 2nd place for the National PTA Program, "Reflections" 2 years in a row! She currently tests at the Level 7 Certificate of Merit in Cello, and enjoys taking the Yamaha Junior Advanced Course 3 with Ms. Blessing and her friends.

Charlotte currently attends Landell Elementary as a 5th Grader, and enjoys hand lettering and any and all forms of art. Her composition, "Dancing on the Clouds", received an OUTSTANDING award, for Division II Composition (Ages 11-15). Congratulations, Charlotte!


Ella Bautista

Ella has always loved music. At 2 years old, she used to sing-along to Andrea Bocelli in the backseat of her mom's car. She became part of the Yamaha music family at 3 1/2 years old and has been taking piano classes for the past five and a half years. She has been in Ms. Blessing Rune's group classes for the past four years. The camaraderie, collaboration, and friendships cultivated in the group classes have increased her self confidence and musical abilities and allowed her to be comfortable playing in front of others. Ella also enjoys figuring out how to play songs by ear. In the past two years, she has started taking private lessons. Ms. Blessing's expertise and individualized attention have allowed Ella to further develop her skills and to start composing her own music.

Ella's composition, "Winter Rain" , received an HONORABLE MENTION award for Division I (under 10 years old). Excellent job Ella!


Brandon Xie

Brandon Xie is seven years old, and began Yamaha JMC classes when he was four. Currently he has completed all four sessions of the class and participates in the accelerated extension course. Writing his very first song, " Journey To The Treasure Island" at the age of six, Brandon realized he could draw inspiration from his favorite pirate books! He enjoys composing and would like to be like Lady Gaga, being able to write and sing his own creations. Brandon is working on his second song now, with the help of his teacher Ms. Felicia Huang, who constantly inspires him and encourages the exploration of music. Other than playing piano, Brandon also shares a love for hockey and reading.

Brandon's composition, "Journey To The Treasure Island", received an HONORABLE MENTION in this year's Division I submissions. Bravo, Brandon!

Read more about the JOC program here, and once again, CONGRATULATIONS! We're so proud of you guys!

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