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Great Performances! Live Performances Returns!

On November 20, 2021, Cerritos and Chino Hills Yamaha Music School is proud to share have successfully hosted a safe and amazing live performance for the first time since 2019! The student performers, staff, and parents still practiced good hygiene, socially distanced, and wore masks to ensure the safety of everyone. Students had a great experience when preparing for this special day. They were able to experience the art of performing in front of an audience.

Cerritos and Chino Hills Yamaha Music School want to say thank you to all the parents for your support and for continuing to believe that music can still be expressed through these difficult times. The staff and teachers of Cerritos and Chino Hills Yamaha Music School want to express how proud we are of the students to have continued their musicality and artistry as well.

Great job students on your performances and great job teachers/staff for preparing this memorable event! Keep up the great work!

Siblings playing beautifully

on their duet for the audience


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