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Blessing Runes Awarded Yamaha Teacher Award of Excellence 2018

Ms. Blessing Runes was recently awarded the Yamaha Teacher Award of Excellence (17’- 18’). This is the second year in a row she has received this honor.

Granted by Yamaha Music Education America, this award is given to select Yamaha teachers during their annual re-certification, for their teaching mastery, as well as for showcasing excellence in academic writing. Each teacher was given a choice to complete their recertification through different activities and Ms. Blessing chose the subject of individual Study. Ms. Blessing's essay was chosen out of hundreds of teachers (many teachers) as a top-reader.

Her paper, entitled “Teaching: Things I Learned from Being a Yamaha Parent”, analyzes Yamaha teaching methodology from the perspective of a parent. Ms. Blessing was able to draw from her personal experiences attending Ms. Audrey Lim’s Junior Music Group Course with her son, as well as eighteen years of group lesson planning.

Ms. Blessing holds piano performance degrees from University of the Philippines College of Music with a major in Piano and a minor in Voice. She has worked for many years as an Yamaha Music Education Specialist, teaching others how to become versatile Yamaha Certified Instructors.

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