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The Music Friends Course is now available at Cerritos & Chino Hills Yamaha Music School!

“Conveying the joy of playing music to people throughout the world”

This is Yamaha’s goal—to contribute to the enrichment of society by cultivating enthusiasm and sensitivity through musical activities.

With our common ideal of personally enjoying music, expressing with music, and sharing music with others, we have developed courses and established our unique education methods adapted to the needs of every generation from children to adults, and from beginners to more advanced students.

Over 5 million students have learned music in our schools over the past 60 years. It currently operates in more than 40 countries and regions all over the world.

“Benefits of Music”

Have you ever been told that music nourishes the heart and soul? Or heard that playing music enhances intelligence which makes you smarter? It has been scientifically proven that playing music has a positive influence on the brains and hearts – for example, music reduces stress, which in turn results in better health and learning capacity.

“Never Too Late To Learn”

However, nowadays even school-age children are busy with academic pursuits and so music has become a back-burner for many who have the passion but not the time for practice. Moreover, many adults believe that musical skills cannot be developed unless the learner starts very young – which is not the case. The good news is that it is never too late, and Yamaha has developed a new music course for the busy school-age children and adults. The Music Friends Course is a stress-free program that requires minimal practice because you get to set your own rate of progress.

What’s Unique About Music Friends Course?

1. Learning at your own pace

Although the lessons are conducted in a group, each student gets individual attention from the teacher during segments on repertoire playing. This allows them to either advance steadily or at a more leisure pace if they do not have time to practice at home. Each student will be able to achieve a learning milestone at his or her own pace. You can join the class anytime without worrying about age and feeling felt behind in class.

2. Interesting pieces to engage the children

Textbooks contain a variety of famous pieces. (classical masterpieces, e.g., Für Elise, Turkish March, jazz standards, Disney songs, and more). For all pieces, Yamaha adds arrangements and opulent accompaniments, and the experience gained from playing them along with orchestras or bands provides students a special worldview of each piece and nurtures their creativity.

3. Establishing stronger foundational skills in a group​

​To further enhance the basic skills developed, students will also experience the joy of playing music together with their friends, an experience unachievable in an individual lesson setting. Through simple finger exercises, ensemble playing and singing melodies, students are effectively trained in acquiring finger technique, good rhythm sense, and singing in correct pitch.

4. Supporting Self-Learning IT Tools

In the classroom or at home, students can watch and learn through model performances on the videos and practice with rhythmic accompaniment. This tool serves as a great support for individual practice and learning for Music Friends Course students’ music education journey.

Course Overview

Age group: 8-12

Lesson Structure: Group Individual Lesson

Group Size: 4 – 10 students in a class

Lesson Duration: 60 minutes per week

Course Duration: According to student’s pace (1-3 years)

Choice of Instrument: Keyboard/Piano, Guitar, Drum

Course Objectives:

1. To nurture the joy in playing an instrument of choice

2. To develop fundamental music skills for playing the instrument of choice

Course Materials

1. Repertoire Book 1

2. Repertoire Book 2

3. Drill book (Finger exercises, ensembles, solfege singing, and music rudiments)

4. Video Recordings (MP4)

5. Accompaniment and demo tracks for reference (MP3)

Music Friends Course will be open for enrollment this coming season, Spring 2019! Call us now at (562)809-3886 to inquire now!

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