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Congrats to Ms. Blessing!

​At Cerritos Yamaha Music School (Chino Hills as well!) we strive to provide you with the best teachers and student experience.

This year our very own Ms. Blessing was awarded with the Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) Teacher Award of Excellence for the 2016-2017 year! What does this mean? Yamaha Music Education Manager Mike Morrell says:

"Congratulations on the fine work you did to renew your YMES Teacher Certification this year. You are one of the only 5 teachers in the United States who has been selected to receive an 'Award of Excellence'."

Our dedicated teachers work hard to provide our students with quality music education as well as continuing to find professional development opportunities to maintain a quality certification status. Ms. Blessing has been teaching at Cerritos Yamaha Music School for 17 years and has also participated in the YMES Teacher Preparation seminars as a mentor instructor.

Thanks for your dedication Ms. Blessing!

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